A Purposeful Blog?

I loved Kristin’s guest post here on the B2B blog because she expressed what happened to me and many other bloggers…

We started a blog on a whim or for a reason which no longer exists.

That is the funny thing about blogging.  What you THINK it is and what it ACTUALLY can be once you are in the middle of it are two very different things.

I started my blog as a substitute for emailing a dear friend and to go digital with my scrapbooking.

I started by posting pictures of my kids and writing silly things about my life.

*Fast forward three years*

I now continue by posting pictures of my kids and writing silly things about my life.


Who lets Holly write unsupervised here?

It may seem the same, but the end result is really quite different.  I have enjoyed creating a corner of the internet that is all my own.  It is my little kingdom over which I have complete control.

The way my blog looks and reads all creates an environment that I want to hang out in and attracts an audience with whom I want to chat.

Your space looks and sounds different.

That is how it should be.

But how do we take it to the next level?

How do we not get lost in a sea of blogs that are a few pixels different from ours?

I believe what sets a blog apart is its authenticity of tone.

Holly’s handy dandy hints to convey TONE AUTHENTICITY (totally getting that trademarked later):

  • Set a tone on your blog.  The way it looks, what you write about, what pictures post all help tell that story.
  • Make sure that all your posts support that tone story (oooo…totally getting that trademarked too).
  • Consider that what you DON’T publish may be even more important than what you DO.
  • Your audience will know what to expect when they visit if you are always consistent with your tone.
  • When considering writing opportunities, only take ones that will add to your tone story.

So the bottom line is…stay real.

If your passions are family and you write about your personal experience living on a budget, then stay true to that.  Your audience has gathered because that is what they want to hear from you.  Does that mean that you could NEVER EVER write about taking a vacation where you might have spent a little extra?


Just approach the subject from your tone story.

For instance, I can’t cook.  I really can’t.  And it is unlikely that you will be able to help me in this area.

So, on the rare occasion that I post a recipe…it is from that angle.

Look what I made!  If I can do it ANYONE with a pulse can too!


Look how I burned down my house!

This is where Business 2 Blogger can either help or hurt you.  It is our hope that we help MATCH you with opportunities that fit into your blog, not detract from the story that you are telling.

This is also important for our businesses…because no matter the size of your blog, you have readers and if you are presenting a product that fits your blog (and them), it is a super happy karma thing.

Let’s hug.

What challenges have you faced in figuring out what tone to set on your blog?

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