Blogosphere Roundup, 2/18

Can you believe we’re more than halfway through February already? Wow. This week was a busy news week (aren’t they all?). Check out what I’ve got for you today.

Blogging Tips

Is Social IQ Hurting Your Blogging? Maybe the problem with your blogging is your low social media intelligence. That’s what this gal over at Copyblogger seems to suggest! Interesting.

Link Checker Tool. Daily Blog Tips walks you through a great tool to check the sites that link to you! Very useful.

Get Your Black Belt in Blogging. Another great article from Daily Blog Tips that likens success in blogging to achieving a black belt.

Facebook Fan Page Updates. I was going to write a post about walking thru all of the new features of the FB fan page, but SITS beat me to it. And did a better job than I would’ve done. Enjoy!

Social Media

Twitter Tips. A very informative post over at Shout Me Loud about tips for being more effective – and genuine – on Twitter.

Twitter v. Facebook: A Picture. This is an AWESOME infographic from Bit Rebels about the demographics and usage of Twitter v. Facebook.

Getting Your FB Feed Adjusted:  Facebook adjusted how it displays your news feed again. V3 tells you how not to be invisible on people’s feeds (so far, only applies to personal accounts and not fan pages!)

Does Engaging Really Work on Twitter? Dan Zarrella’s data suggests that the concept of Twitter engagement might very well be a Twitter myth. :)

Twitter Tips! Nina Badzin writes some great basic beginner’s tips for Twitter!

Blogging News

Working with Brands. This is a must read piece from Mom Blog Magazine if you’re thinking about seeking out conference sponsorships with brands!

JC Penney: Busted By Google! Looks like JC Penney tried to play the SEO game a bit too hard recently. Read all about what they did and how Google responded.

Do Bloggers Deserve To Be Paid? Another good piece from Mom Blogger Magazine all about the factors you should look at when assessing your worth as a blogger.

Web-Based Access to Blissdom. Did you miss out on Blissdom ’11? They’re selling the content in a web-based format so you can get all of the great info without having to fork over hundreds of dollars to attend the conference…or get out of your pajamas!

Have a great weekend, peeps! And if you found any fantastic reads this week…leave a comment!

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