Blogosphere Roundup, 3/11

Hey, y’all.

Can I just say how glad I am this week is over? It started with taking my kid to the ER for breathing trouble Sunday night…all to find out he has a virus. A virus that won’t go away and he’s still sitting here at home with me. And next week is Spring Break. Help me.

But, sick kiddos didn’t stop me from finding some more fun stuff to share this week. And remember, if you write a great post on blogging tips or any other aspect of blogging that would be of interest to B2B readers, feel free to submit it to me for possible inclusion here in the Roundup!

Blogging Tips

Too much Facebook? Blogging Tips warns of why you don’t want to integrate your blog TOO closely with Facebook.

Don’t Lose Your GFC Followers! Ashley, a fellow B2Ber at Just Another Mom of 2 tells you how to keep your GFC followers if you’re moving from Blogger to WordPress.

Free Screen-Grab Tools. Blogging Pro lists some great tools for doing screen captures. (I personally love the Snipping Tool in Windows 7!)

Facebook Comments & Your Blog. Daily Blog Tips walks you through the new Facebook Comments plugin for blogs. Important to know if you’re looking at commenting systems!

SociaCard. Blogging Tips talked about SociaCard, a social media calling card tool. Check it out!

Are List Posts Bad? Gosh, I hope not. I love list posts. Unmemorable Title says they can hurt your blog.

Social Media

Mac and Cheese: Jinx! Mashable covers Kraft’s unusual Twitter campaign for its famous mac and cheese.

Twitter’s Valuation. The Blog Herald says Twitter’s stock is probably overvalued, and here’s why.

Who’s Using Twitter and How. This infographic over at Blog is Blogging fascinated me. 10% of Internet users who make less than $30K per year use Twitter…yet only 6% of Internet users making more than $75K do. That surprised me.

Blogging News

Wanna Be On TV? Project Mom Casting has announced another of casting for their reality show on mom bloggers. Mom Blog Magazine has the deets.

BlogHer Partners With USA Today. ShePosts (okay, I) wrote about a new partnership between BlogHer and USA Today for the Own Your Beauty Campaign.

Interview With Child’s Play PR. Want to hear about what brands are looking for…from one of the leading PR firms that connect mom bloggers with brands? Read this.

Storybleed to Accept New Positions. Want to submit your writing somewhere else? Have a look at Storybleed.

Happy reading this week…and for those of you on spring break next week, enjoy!

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