Blogosphere Roundup, 3/18

Hi, everybody!

Spring Break is almost over in our house and it’s been a fun week. I’m looking forward to getting back into my routine next week, though. Before I do, I’ve got to share my reads for the week!

Blogging Tips

10 Useful Blogging Communities. The Link Medic shares some communities that can help you promote your blog. They’re not mom blogger-specific, but still worth a look.

Don’t Hit Publish Yet. Think Traffic shares what you should do before you publish a post. Stop and answer his questions.

Make Your Sidebar Beautiful. Britanny from MommyWords gives the lowdown on how to make your sidebar a place of beauty…not the town dump.

Social Media

Avoid Social Media Burnout. Mom Blog Magazine talks about how to not let social media suck you dry.

10 Fun Twitter Apps. Bonsai Interactive shares some fun Twitter apps you may not know about.

Facebook’s New Analytics. Viral Blog walks you through Facebook’s new analytics tools.

Improving Facebook Interactions. Viral Blog talks about how to make your fan page a little more interactive. I so need to study this!

Blogging News

Changes for Blogger in 2011. A lot of you are on Blogger, so this is an important read on what changes Google has planned for its platform from Web Log Tools Collection

How Brands Can Appeal To Moms. This is an interesting read. It’s directed at companies and how they can market to moms more successfully. If you’re a mom, it’s worth knowing what brands are trying to do.

Okay, peeps! I’m out for the weekend! We’ve got a blog announcement coming next week…stay tuned.

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