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So you may have heard of this little thing called Facebook.


With more than 750 million users and growing (according to Wikipedia as of July 2011), Facebook is a social media platform a step ahead of the rest. Especially when it comes to Business. In a new study shared by Inside Facebook, it was found that “by advertising to Facebook fans instead of non-fans, advertisers can reduce the acquisition cost of registrations by 44%, event signups by 33%, and purchases by 15%. These results of a 4.1 billion ad-impression, thirteen-client test”.

I suppose you’re ready to start your page now, right? Below, find resources and tutorials to help you establish your business and/or blog on Facebook.

Getting Started with Facebook

Do you run a business and know you need to use Facebook, but are not sure where to start? Then the Social Media Examiner’s Facebook 101 for Business: Your complete Guide is the resource for you.

Need to set up that fan page? Try using PageModo, an awesome resource that helps you make a custom Welcome page without being a coding guru. Gigi from Kludgy Mom takes you through the process step by step in How to Glam up your Blog’s Facebook page (bonus? Works for businesses too!)

Bloggers often underestimate the value of an engaging Facebook page. MomComm discusses Six non-spammy ways for bloggers to engage with other Facebook Fan Pages in this great article for bloggers.

You may invoke Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies on your blog, but do you do it for Facebook as well? Branding Personality talks about Five Key SEO Strategies for every Facebook page.

Facebook Ads Resources

Facebook ads- we all see them, and the suggestions to use them. Mashable’s Facebook Ads: 5 Tips for Success can help guide you in managing reasonable expectations from using these ads.

The Social Media Guide also gives great suggestion in Using Facebook Ads to Promote your Business even without a huge budget.

Interested in the metrics behind Facebook ad targeting? This article shows that older users are more likely to click on ads while younger users simply “like”.

Finally, maybe you should not use Facebook ads. Are Facebook Ads for All Businesses? takes a look at why your ads may be ineffectual.

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