Grab Bag of Social Media and Marketing ~ July 22

Another week of summer has flown on by (or slowly dragged if you happen to be home with kids. Either way.) Hopefully, everyone has managed to survive the heat wave that has been blasting the country in a cool environment! While you are relaxing in the cool air conditioning, check out some of these great stories found around the internet this week:

The web has been buzzing all about the latest social media platform, Google+. Already a member? Visit Mashable to learn how to integrate Google+ into your WordPress site.

Do you blog using Google’s Blogger service? Be sure to back up your site- here’s how.

Doesn’t JELL-O just make you smile? It will for more people thanks to their strategic new social media campaign as the creator of Social Dialect learned from a frown on Twitter.

Can your users relate to your brand? Relatability can be key to a brand’s success. Is honesty your policy? Check out how Honest Tea engaged their users- and tested their honesty on the Real Time Report.

Do you doubt the value of Facebook? I wouldn’t. Social Media Today breaks down the statistics- and increased conversions- of brand campaigns on Facebook growing—104%.

What did you find interesting this week?

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