Guest Post: GIVEAWAYS-Five Lessons I Have Learned the Hard Way

While I am not a novice blogger, I am new to the world of blog giveaways.  When I read that sponsoring giveaways can significantly increase readership, I thought I would try it.

In my first venture I announced with great fan fare that I would be giving away free salad coupons.     Doesn’t everybody love salad?  Let’s just say the response was underwhelming.   In my second attempt I gave away a $25 gift card to a regional grocery store.  I saw a little more response, but not much.

After this second semi-failure, I did some soul searching (and some research) and found these ways to improve my giveaway skills :

Lesson #1- Give prizes worth a substantial amount. , for example, sets a limit of $25 or more to register a giveaway.  While I may be impressed with coupons for free salad, most people are not.

Lesson #2- Give prizes that work in different geographic areas. The internet is truly world-wide.  I realized too late that many of my readers live outside of my region, so the regional grocery store gift card meant nothing to them.  Use Google Analytics or another program to determine the geographic makeup of your readership.

Lesson #3-Match the giveaway to the theme of your blog. Giving away diapers on a business blog probably won’t go over very well.  Think about your target audience and the kinds of products they would use.

Lesson #4-Get something in return.  Ask readers to repost your giveaway on Facebook or Twitter and to leave a comment.  Get the most mileage from your giveaway investment.

Lesson #5-Give the details up front.  Make sure to explain exactly what the prize is, the length of the contest period, how the winners will be determined, and how and when will the winner be notified.

I realize that I am a little late in learning these basics, but maybe I can help other newbie bloggers to make their next giveaways successful.

Kimberlee is the wife of one very patient husband and the  mom of four hilarious children ages 9-15.  She regularly feeds her family of six for less than $450 a month and in her “spare” time she enjoys writing, planting things, and getting free stuff from CVS.  You can visit her at

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