How to choose social media platforms: An article roundup

social media platforms

Everyone wonders what social media profiles are important to keep and which simply do not matter. With more platforms launching all of the time, it can be tough to keep up with yet another profile. So which platforms are worthwhile and which can you let fall by the wayside? Here, we share a roundup of articles on the various social media options.

Google+ Brand Pages

Should brands be bothered with creating Google+ Brand Pages? The verdict does not seem to be in just yet, but this article on Mashable discusses why companies should invest in them. The most compelling reason? Future integration with other Google products, which in turn can provide better search and brand visibility. An interesting look at the pages that have people wondering if it’s another Google product that will disappear.

An additional factor to consider is that Google  has recently announced that Google Friend Connect will soon no longer be an option for those without Blogger blogs- it will be retired on March 1. Instead, Google suggests creating a Google+ Page in order to help ease the loss. More information can be read in the article Google Closes Knol, Friend Connect and Other Services


Klout. It has become a hotly debated topic (ahem- excuse the pun) in the social media world. Is it accurate? Should I be concerned about my score? Why did they change their algorithm? Where are MY perks? With so many questions and emotional responses, many have done away with their profiles. Here, Fadra from Social Dialect discusses why she’s not deleting her Klout profile on social dialect (and links to two people who have).


Did you know that Pinterest has grown 2000% since June? Yes, I said two THOUSAND percent. In fact, this article discusses how Pinterest is now pulling in more pageviews than etsy. Generating more than 420 million pageviews in the month of October, this is one social network worth paying attention to- especially since investors think it’s only at the early part of its growth.

So tell us: What do you think? What social media networks are worthwhile to you and which do you leave alone? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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