How To Make Your About Page Awesome

About pages are very important for bloggers as it’s the quickest way to let readers and brands get to know more about you in the shortest amount of time.

Your About page should have a good picture of you and of course information you think is important for readers to know right away.  But there are a few other things you can do to help your About page stand out.

A welcome video

Video is a great addition to blogs and if you are brave enough to get in front of the camera you can make a welcome video for your blog. Introduce yourself and what your blog is all about in a few minutes (3 min max). This doesn’t replace the written word on the About page, but it does allow you to give more information about you and your blog without making your About page too long.

Links to Relevant Blog Posts

On your About page you want to give readers more information about you but you don’t want to overwhelm them. A great way to do this is to link to relevant blog posts you have written. Instead of giving a lot of details on your About page, give just a few words that are linked to a post you wrote about the subject. This way, if readers want to know more, they can click the link.

Links to your top 3 favorite posts

As bloggers, we have posts that stand out as the best of the best, the posts that we are most proud of for whatever reason. Direct your readers to these posts at the end of your About page so they can instantly see what you feel is your best work.

A way to contact you

Put your email address on your About page as well as links to at least your Twitter and Facebook accounts. This way, readers and brands can easily connect with you if they have questions or want to tell you something. If you have a Contact page, you can also put a link to that page so people can easily find additional ways to contact you if they so desire.

What have you done to your About page to make it stand out?

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