How To Setup An Instagram Account

Instagram is a popular free photo sharing application for mobile devices. Previously it was only available for Apple products, but now it can be downloaded on both Apple and Android operating systems.

Install Instagram

After downloading the app to your mobile device, you need to sign up for Instagram.

In the main screen, there will be two options, one to sign up and one to login.  Press the “Sign up” button.

Sign Up For Instagram

Next you need to set up your account. Enter your email, username (make it the same as your Twitter handle with no @sign if possible), and a password. A picture can be added later on if you don’t want to do it at this time and I don’t recommend adding your phone number. Once you have the necessary fields completed, press “Done.”

Find Friends

Now you can find friends to follow using your contact list, Facebook and Twitter friends or by searching names in Instagram.

For example, if I want to find my Twitter friends who are on Instagram I would press the Twitter friends option and would be shown a list of all the people I’m connected with on Twitter that use Instagram. I can either follow all by pressing the “follow all” button or I can select the people I want to follow by pressing the “follow” button next to their name.

Once you are done finding friends to follow, press the “Next” button.

Instagram will give you a list of suggested people to follow. You can decide if you want to follow them or not. Once you are finished with this screen, press “Done.”

Edit Your Profile

Now you are on Instagram. But you aren’t done setting up your profile yet. In Instagram, along the bottom, you will see 5 different icons. Press the rectangle icon that looks like a newspaper (or at least I think that’s what they want it to look like).  This take you to your profile settings.

Go to Account, Edit Profile to finish your profile settings.  Enter your First and Last name (if you want them shown), your URL, a short bio, and whatever other information you want to complete for your public and private profile.  Be sure to hit “Submit” when you are done.











Add A Profile Picture

Go back to Profile and if you haven’t already added a profile picture, go to “Change Profile Picture.” Here you have the options of taking a picture, choosing one from your library, or importing from Facebook or Twitter. Pick whichever option you want and select your photo.

Optional Privacy Setting

The last important setting is the Privacy option. Here you can decide whether or not you want your pictures to be private. If you decide to have your photos private, you will have to approve follower requests.

If you aren’t already using Instagram, I suggest you follow these steps to get signed up today. I’ll have more information soon on how to use Instagram to share pictures as well as some reasons why you should be on Instagram.

Note: These screen shots and steps are from an iPhone. 


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