MBMB Day 24: Succeed With Linky Party Strategies

Welcome to the Mom Blog Money Blog Series! For 30 days we are following the Mom Blog Money Blog Workshop (affiliate link) sharing some tips so that we can work through the steps and grow together. Grab your coffee, have a seat, and join us.

In Day 23 we were talking about amplifying the work of others online. Today we are discussing…

How to Succeed with Linky Party Strategies.

Are you familiar with Linky Parties? If you are not now is the time to get to know them!  They are a fantastic way to grow your exposure and find new readers. It is exactly how I took my mom blog from 10,000 pageviews a month to 30,000 pageviews a month about a year and a half ago. Within a short period of time I was able to really grow my readership.

Laurie knows the success that participating in a Linky Parties can bring. She hosts a party her self each Tuesday over on Tip Junkie. Linky Parties are basically a blog post with a linky widget allowing other bloggers to share their latest and greatest projects, recipes and ideas. Some Linky Parties get as many as 500+ entries!

Here is what you want to do.

How to succeed with linky parties

Make a list of your favorite parties.

Keep up with the site the party is hosted on, what day and the approximate time it goes live, and track the traffic you get from it each week. Laurie includes a free printable in her workshop that is perfect for tracking all of this information on.

There are about 10 parties every day that I share my latest projects on. Ten times seven days in a week- you do the math!  It brings loads of traffic.

Looking for new parties to join? The next time you are on someone’s blog, see if they share a list of the places they “party”. Look over the list and see if there are new parties you want to check out.

Keep a close eye on the traffic you receive.

I know each week which parties are bringing me the best return for my effort. Many of my top 10 referring sites each month come from blogs which I participate regulatory in their weekly Linky Party.

Get featured!

The best part is, many Linky Party hosts go a step further and feature the great projects that are shared at their party. Some do a roundup post listing and link back to the best projects shared. Score!

Some will Pin the awesome ideas you share. Slam dunk!

There are bloggers who will also share your project exclusively with their Facebook community. Rock on!

Here’s a Google + hangout featuring Holly, Laurie, Crystal and Christine.

The growth of my blog, Crystal & Co., is a tried and true case study that shows participating in Linky Parties pays off! Which Linky Parties are you going to start participating in?

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