How To Use Instagram

After you sign up for Instagram and get your account setup, it’s time to start using the app.

In Instagram, along the bottom there are 5 different images that each do something different. I’ll start at the first option on the left and work from there for this post.

Instagram Picture Feed

Here, you can see pictures that people you are following have shared. You can scroll through the photos, like them by either pressing the “like” button or double tapping on the image, and you can leave comments.

Popular Pictures

The star button shows popular pictures on Instagram. These are going to be photos from celebrities and other high profile people that have 1,000s of likes/comments. Just like with the regular news feed, you can like and comment on the pictures in the popular feed.

Share Pictures

To share your photos with Instagram, you have two options. You can either upload an existing picture from your phone or take a new picture.

To upload a picture, press the button of the two squares in the left hand corner. You will then be directed to your camera roll where you can select the picture you want to share.

To take a new picture, line up your shot and press the camera button in the middle.

Once you have your picture selected, you can edit it with one of the options given with Instagram.

For editing with Instagram you can use one of the filters shown along the bottom, add a border using the square frame icon, or blur out some of the picture with the raindrop image.

Once you are happy with your picture and the editing, press the green checkmark. If you are not happy with the picture, you can press the red X to start over.

After pressing the green checkmark you will be able to add a caption to your picture and share it on various social networking sites including Twitter, Facebook, Email, and Tumblr.

To configure the social sharing options, press “configure” for the social networking site and follow the directions to link the accounts.

News Feed

The speech bubble with a heart in it is your news feed which will show the likes, comments, and new followers you have on Instagram.

About Section

The last image is the newspaper which is where you can edit your about information as was shown in the last post on how to setup Instagram. In this section, you can also find more friends to follow, see the pictures you have shared as well as the pictures you have liked from your followers.

Note: these screen shots are all from an iPhone. 

Now you are all set to use Instagram. Come back on Monday to find out why you should be using Instagram.


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