Looking at FB Insights

We have been taking a look at Facebook over the last few weeks, so I thought it would be fun to look at the analytics.

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I adore analytics.

And FB has some good stuff.

All the good stuff is in the “insights” just above your cover photo.  The first page is a summary of all the other pages which is fun to look at the graphs, but I usually start with the POSTS tab.

We are going to take a look at my FB page for Kids Activities Blog. <—what a good time to LIKE it!


fb insights posts

The orange bar is the best.  You want a wide orange bar!

Look through that 5th column and find the widest orange bars.  Those are showing which posts were shown to the most people.

Once you pick a winner, then check out the next column to see WHY.

As you can see above, the last post on that list is a PAPER PLATE CRAFTS picture with link to a post.  FB showed it to 75K people because it had 6.1K post clicks and 2K likes, comments and shares.

When people interact with FB on YOUR post, FB rewards you with more people.

Let’s click on the post text {in the second column} to bring up even more information about WHY people adored this post:

post details fb - business 2 blogger


What is cool is that you can see the whole post and then the actions.  So, this post was a photo with a title line, a URL line and then some chatty stuff.*

*You really want chatty stuff at the bottom of your posts, you WANT a “read more” necessity because when people click on the “read more” it IS an action.

Now you can see how people interacted with the post:


And then THOSE generated:


How did this happen?  Because of 6115 post clicks!

  • 4953 photo views
  • 459 link clicks —-> TRAFFIC TO MY BLOG
  • 703 other clicks

So, I would look at the time of day that I posted this.  It was 6:57 pm.  I make a mental note that people really seem to like paper plates around 6:57 pm.

I also try to remember when posts reach certain milestones – for instance, this was nearly 24 hours ago, but in my experience, this post will generate another 10-20% interaction over the next 24 hours…and then it will die.

So, what did I do with this knowledge?

I searched my archives and posted another roundup on…

Paper Plate Crafts.

I am super original.  And if you are in need of paper plate crafts, then I am definitely YOUR girl.

So, as you can see in the first screenshot above, I posted that at 1:54 the next day and already have 27K interaction.

I am not surprised, I KNOW that people like paper plate crafts!

Both of these posts were on a weekend.  I might try posting them in a different way on a weekday down the road…usually several weeks later.

Paper Plate Dreams

Why is it so important for me to keep the momentum on paper plates?

Great question!  It is because THAT is what my page is all about.  The fact that MY Facebook fans LIKE, COMMENT & SHARE paper plate crafts means that I have attracted EXACTLY the right people to my page.

It also gives me the idea that maybe tomorrow I might push some toilet paper roll crafts!

I know you think I am kidding, but watch my page.

And that is what this is all about.  Creating a page that YOU would be a fan of and then sharing things that you love which sends traffic to your site and let’s your FB page grow.

Here is where I talk about this and then cover the LIKES tab inside page insights:

Please leave any questions you have below!

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