How Much Sponsored Content is Too Much?

As bloggers, getting a sponsor is exciting and pays the bills.

Is there a point where there is too much of a good thing?

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How Much Sponsored Content is Too Much?

I was inspired by an article over at Type A Parent by Kelby CarrSponsored Post Ratios – Are We Killing the Blogging Golden Goose?  

Kelby has some great insight as to how blogs are growing their sponsored content ratios and cautions that this might be a bad thing in the long run:

Because here’s the catch: when bloggers tip to the side of writing too much sponsored content, it loses value with both readers AND sponsors. The next step is brands and firms will view this as a low-ROI, ineffective model and the opportunities will disappear for everyone. Yes, even for those who have low sponsored content ratios and who make sure every sponsored post is high quality and of interest to their readers.

I could not agree more.  In fact, I am quoted in the article about what I do on Kids Activities Blog with sponsored content:

“We keep our sponsored content below 20%. That keeps the spots rare (and worth more) and gives us more lead time to craft something amazing for a company that paid good money to be there. It has to be a perfect fit or it is a no.”

You know me.  I can’t stop with just a two sentence response.  That would just be out of character!  So, I have a little video on the subject…

  • Speaking about traditional blogs, not blogs with the intent of sponsored content.
  • Two types of sponsors are awesome – those you would have written about anyway & those that inspire you to write something you should write.
  • Fit is the key.
  • Examples of good fit mentioned Melissa & Doug posts from Zina – Valentine Suncatchers and Stacy – Photography Tips on iPhone.
  • Take on sponsors that you won’t be able to shut up about.
  • Keep ratio down with editorial calendar – make your spots coveted and rare!
  • Keep ratio down by publishing other content in between – old posts, guest posts.
  • Make a plan and stick to it unless someone pays you enough to ignore it! <—should have said this.
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