Blogosphere Roundup – Friday, 1/14

We’re going to finish out my first week here at Business 2 Blogger with a new feature. It’s a roundup that highlights some of this past week’s important news and great articles on blogging and social media.

Blogging and Social Media News

StumbleUpon Surpasses Facebook. Surprise! This news happened the first week of January, but I think it’s important enough to mention. StumbleUpon has moved past Facebook as the #1 source for social media traffic in the U.S.

Top 10 Mom Blogger Dramas of 2010. The land of mom blogs is often peppered with controversy, and last year was no exception. Take a look back at some of the hot dramas from last year with ShePosts.

Brands With The Best Social Media Buzz. Mashable uses a great graphic to identify what brands had the best social media buzz last year.

Mom Bloggers To The Rescue! Interesting article from Mom Blog Magazine about how Kroger Grocery Stores credits mom bloggers with the high download rate of their new iPhone app.

The Blog Economy of 2010. This is a fascinating post by Nitty Griddy that uses an infographic by the Grasshopper Group to break down a lot of the demographics of the U.S. blogosphere. Surprise: part time bloggers claim to make an average of $14,000 a year!

Blog Improvement

SEO Advice. Spice Up Your Blog did a great piece this week on some nuts and bolts to improving your search engine optimization techniques.

Taxes and Blogging. B2B member The WIC Project published a great recap on her conversation with the IRS about taxes and blogging. Be sure and drop by to give her a shout out!

Optimizing Blogger Posts to Improve Page Rank. One of my new favorite sites I follow is The Link Medic. This week he posted a fantastic article on making a tiny tweak to your Blogger code to make your blog posts appear in search results by blog title first, not the name of the blog.

Using Google Adwords Tool To Improve SEO. Fellow B2B member Betsy from Funky  Mama Bird wrote an extremely helpful article on how to utilize the Google Adwords tool to better monetize your blog or improve your SEO results in any free lance writing you do. SEO is my weak area – this is an article I’ll be coming back to!

Talk The Talk and Walk the Walk. Feeling overwhelmed with all the things you can be doing on your blog? Adventuroo has a great post this week about how to stop following the crowd and do what’s best for YOUR blog.

Trademarking Your Blog. This is  a great article from ShePosts on how to DIY on trademarking your blog.

Thanks for your support and comments this week. Keep ’em coming and have a great weekend!

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