Be the Source

One of the things we as bloggers take for granted is the crazy amount of information we come across in our own genre.  I write about kids activities and could easily rattle off 100 other bloggers who have a really good homemade paint recipe, phonics game or toddler activity.

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That is not normal!

Think of it as an iceberg.  The tip or visible part is what we might write about or share on social media and the massive underneath portion is what lives in our heads.

What if we started tapping into that massive underneath portion allowing our readers a more in-depth look at the base of knowledge that supports our passion?

This has been one of the reasons the Kids Activities Blog FB and G+ pages have been so successful.  We are not shy about sharing other people’s AWESOME content and sharing it often.  We have adopted an almost Pinterest-like obsession to share cool things that we trip across in a normal day.

On Pinterest it is easier, you simply scan the page, click through to make sure the source is correct and re-pin.  Generally, G+ and FB don’t have the volume of content to make it as easy.

That is YOUR opportunity.

Because it takes a few extra seconds to grab a link and post it from your FB or G+ page, less people do it.  Your readers on FB and G+ are hungry for awesome ideas – feed them.

Every single comment, like/plus, and share from your G+ or FB page helps YOU.  It helps you reach more of your fan base and attract new likes/plusses.

Kids Activities Blog publishes twice a day and has 1000s of archived articles, yet the majority of our social media posts are not our own.


Because we found something more awesome that we thought our readers would like.

We have built our FB and G+ pages on the backs of other blogger’s content!

Our readers now see us as a huge resource of information and every single one of our posts reach more and more people just because they have a peek beyond the tip of the iceberg.



Written by: Holly Categorized: Social Media Tips