Communicating with Your Sponsor

You landed a sponsored post that you are excited about.

You crafted amazing sponsored content – a personal story, and original photo and just the right amount of passion.

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Now what?

There are two equally important components to what comes next.  Last week we tackled the post promotion and today is the discussion about interacting with your sweet sponsor that entrusted you with their product/service/story.

Time to Report!

I don’t do anything fancy, but I want the sponsor to know that things are going well.  So, the next step is to send an email thanking them for the opportunity and sharing the links.

It goes something like this:

Hi _______,

I just wanted to let you know that the post has been published!  I know that my readers are going to love it because _________________.

Here are links to the post and initial social media promotion:

  • Post link:
  • FB post link:
  • G+ post link:
  • First pin:
  • First tweet:
  • Other:

My plan is to tweet daily for the next week with the #hashtag and to pin it 3 more times to Pinterest boards that are a good fit.  There are a few other places online that I have in mind for promotion.

I am excited about how things are going.  There are already {3 comments on the post, 12 re-pins, 10 shares on FB, whatever is good} on the post!

Let me know if you have any questions.  It has been really fun working with you on this.


Sometimes it stops there.  And that is great.  You gave the sponsor a lot of information that will keep them from hunting all over the internet to see if you did your job.

But sometimes, a follow-up email is a really good thing.  For me, it usually happens several weeks later or when I notice something amazing has happened.  If a post does really well somewhere, don’t expect the sponsor to know it on their own…and this is a great opportunity to let them know their money was well spent with you:

  • High traffic on the post – I will grab a snapshot of my Google Analytics for that post.
  • Lots of shares or re-pins on a FB post or Pinterest pin – grab a screenshot or the post URL.
  • Featured on another blog – send the link.
  • Your social media post was shared by other people.
  • Great discussion in the comments.

Write another thank you email.  Remember that when sponsored content does well, it does your blog good too!

  • Don’t send something that is —->LOOK HOW AWESOME I AM!

The bottom line is that when sponsored content does well, it is a win-win.  You got paid to write something you loved, your readers ate it up and the company gets more than they paid for.

You always want the company to feel like they got their money’s worth or more.


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