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Organizing Your Twitter Account: Quick Tip Monday

Everybody’s into organizing at the start of a new year. The signs are everywhere: plastic storage tubs getting featured placement at Target, magazine articles prodding you to get your life in order, a pained foot from stepping on one too many Legos left on the carpet.

So if you are doing a little housekeeping right now, you might want to consider organizing your Twitter account as well.  Today I’ll share a couple of tips on how to better manage your Twitter relationships.

1. Get a Twitter management application. If you are using Twitter.com to tweet, you’re not using your time as effectively as you could be. Twitter.com is incredibly hard to navigate when you have many people you’re trying to follow or engage with. Consider using either Hootsuite or Tweetdeck to Tweet going forward.

Both applications have their pros and cons. Hootsuite runs in a browser, so you can access it anywhere. Tweetdeck is a desktop (or iPhone) application that requires a download. I personally use Tweetdeck because I prefer the look of its interface.

Both take some getting used to, because your tweets are displayed in a multi-column format. It’s like having seven chat windows open side by side, all moving and updating at different times. But I promise that if you stick with it, you’ll find your Tweeting to be much more effective.

2. Have an Unfollow Day.  There are probably many people in your Twitter following who don’t need to be there. Either they’re spammers, or they tweet about things that are not relevant to you. Maybe they just annoy you to death.  Set aside some time to clean up your following.

I also like to periodically check who’s not following me anymore and stop following them if needed. Of course, I choose to follow some people whether they follow me or not. I like the application Just Unfollow to do this. With one click, I can view my list of non-followers and easily unfollow back if I wish.

3. Use lists. To cut through all of the noise that is Twitter, it’s essential to organize your followers into lists. This is easy in TweetDeck or Hootsuite, because you can create a column to follow each of your lists separately. Out of my full feed, I have a couple of different lists that I utilize. This is not an exhaustive list, but one to get you thinking about how you might set up your own.

* An Inner Circle List – this is a list for my “close” friends – people whose Tweets I don’t want to miss.  I include myself so I can keep track of my own tweets in the stream.

* A Brand List, where I can keep updated on the companies I love or have a relationship with. This is a great list to use if you’re working on approaching brands for pitches, sponsorships and the like.

* A Media List – where I can follow what’s going on in mom blogging, social media, technology and blog conferences.

Taking these three steps to organize your Twitter account will make your Twitter time more effective and impactful for your blogging. And we can ALL use a little extra time each day!

Tell me what things you do to organize YOUR Twitter account.