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SERIES: GET ON A SCHEDULE: Pinterest Scheduling Options

It is so important to be pinning your things!   Last week I posted a lot of great Pinterest stats (check them out if you haven’t yet!)

scheduling pinterest

There are two options in Pinterest:
1- Pin them organically – whenever you have time.
2- Schedule them with an app.

If you go for the first one (I go back and forth between #1 and #2), just be sure to pin your stuff when your audience is on.  I pin the most in the evening, because that is when mothers of young kids have the time to get online.   I can also pin early in the morning, before her kids are up.  (my articles are mostly parenting).

If you go for scheduling, you have a lot of tools to choose from:  (almost all of them have free & paid options, or at least a “try it for free before you buy” option).

1- Board Booster.   I use this one and it is pretty easy to use.  You can also loop your material (meaning that it will re-pin for you over & over).   There is a free and paid option, depending on how often you are pinning.

2- ViralTag – The Pinterest scheduling tool, ViralTag, is one that a lot of people love.  You can pin to a board and set the time/interval that it goes out.

3- Ahalolgy– I loved this one, but my plugin kept breaking.  It made it really easy to have my pins looped.

4- Tailwind – a lot of my friends love this option, too!   The app seems to be really helpful & people swear by it!

5- ViralWoot – people love this one for the stats that it provides, really giving you insight into what is working.

There are so many more, but those are the ones that I hear about the most often.      I want to encourage you to try these out and find the best option for you.  Remember that you can’t mess things up, so just try it.   Play around with these apps and websites and really give it a good shot (if you are confused, find a video on youtube to help!)

Want more help?   Check out our books or our personal conference, where we look at your blog and tell you how you can improve it to reach your goals.

Increasing Productivity Minicast – 009

Show Notes by Host: Kirsten Oliphant

Blogging and being active on social media can be an enormous time commitment. I feel like there is ALWAYS something I can do. But am I doing the right things in the right order in the right amount of time?

When it comes to blogging, we can definitely find ways to work smarter, not just harder or longer. In this week’s minicast episodes, we are talking about how to be productive and make the most from our time. Paula Rollo has no choice but to blog smarter: as a mom to two, she is also writing for or running a handful of blogs. Here are some of her biggest tips!

Increasing Blog Productivity

  • Work in batches. It can be a huge help to do similar things in batches during a block of time. This helps you get a good workflow and also keeps your brain engaged on one thing rather than switching between different types of tasks. Example: Make one afternoon your blog-writing time and write several posts. Another evening could be your image editing time where you work on all the images for those posts.
  • Find YOUR best work time. Not everyone is wired the same way. Find the best time of day that works for you in terms of creating blog content and (if possible) schedule accordingly. If you do your best writing at night, don’t choose to work on social shares in that time. Stick to writing and do social shares at a time when you don’t need to be AS engaged as you are in content creation.
  • Schedule play time. Whether with your kids, husband, or just out in the real world, you need to make sure you are getting a break from the screen every single day. Whether you are specific in terms of the actual hours or simply put it on your calendar as a reminder to yourself, make sure you are shutting everything off for a good portion of every day. This will help you focus the time you DO have online so you work smarter, not longer.
  • Aim for excellence, not perfection. We all should aim for quality content. But quality content is not PERFECT content. Sometimes we spend too much time fiddling with images or changing headings or wording in an attempt to have perfect content. Will you make more money if you spend an hour instead of 20 minutes on an image? If so, then spend the hour. If NOT, then make a great image in 20 minutes and don’t spend 40 more minutes. DO create great content, but don’t spend too much time that won’t yield a return.
  • Hire someone to do repetitive tasks. Consider hiring a Virtual Assistant or other assistant to do tasks that don’t necessarily have to be done by YOU. You can find people to post on social media for you, link up your posts to linky parties, and any number of other blog-related tasks. This frees you up to spend your time where it is most valuable.

In addition to these great tips, consider the type of planner that works for you (digital or physical) and how you can utilize the time you have to get the most out of your time spent!

What are YOUR tips for increasing productivity and managing your time?

Relevant Links:

When To Hire An Assistant {Tip 24 of 30}

One of the hardest points of blogging can be letting go. There comes a time when every blogger realizes that they just can’t do it all. In those circumstances, you have two choices; step back, or hire out!

hire a blogging assistant

Hiring an assistant or paying contributors are great ways to invest in your business.

When you can no longer handle all the blogging responsibilities on your own, take a look at the things that are mundane and repetitive. Those are the ones to hand off to an assistant first.

Social media promotion, post writing, checking emails, there are so many things that can easily be handed off to another. This will free you up to do more of the work that only you can do personally.

You can hire another blogger, or train a friend/family member to do some work for you. A benefit of hiring a non-blogger is that they will view social media work from the perspective of a reader, not writer. I love the fresh feel this can give a page!

When hiring it is important to keep in mind a few things:

  • A contract – Both parties should know what to expect up front.
  • A trial period – Give every one a chance to see if it is a good fit before making a long term commitment.
  • Taxes – Be aware of the tax laws in your country or state. In many places you must file extra forms if you are paying people more than a certain amount per year. It is not a difficult process, but one you should keep in mind.
  • Clear guidelines – Let your assistant know exactly what you are looking for. Clear instructions can help but be sure not to micromanage or stifle the creativity of your assistant. Give them room to shine and experiment so they can make the most of the jobs you’ve given them!

Have you ever hired an assistant? How did it work for you?

Time Management {Tip 7 of 30}

Oh yes, we all need time management tips for bloggers!  It is just about the most important skill that you will learn.
time management for bloggers
When I was younger, my brother and I had to go to a homework time management class.  Our parents had signed us up for it over the summer one year, and I remember thinking that it was boring and I was annoyed that I had to sit through it.  I do, however, remember the valuable lesson that I learned in there… work first, play later.  I guess it was a good class, after all.  

That brings us right into our video tip of the day.

#1 – Work first, play later:

TIP #2- Use tools online to get your things in order.  I use Trello, BaseCamp and my WP_Calendar plugin every single day.   I use Trello to organize my sponsored posts for YourModernFamily.com.  I use my WP_calendar to do the same thing, but for my everyday posts as well as sponsored.  For B2B, we use BaseCamp because there are a lot of us on here and it keeps us all organized.   All 3 of these tools keep me on track.
PS- Use RescueTime (its free) to track your productivity.   It will show you how many hours you are spending on each thing.

TIP #3- Just get started.  We don’t think that we have time for things, but once we get started, we can see that it really wasn’t all that bad. So- I used to think that scheduling out 24 Facebook Shares a day to my Facebook page  was going to take me hours upon hours every single night.   I tried it and it took a while at first, but now I have it down to a science.  I follow a plan (ex: 9:00 pm – my post of the day.  10:00 pm- my husband’s post.  11:00 pm…).  You get the idea.   Now it takes me about 40 minutes to do the whole day.   Sometimes less.

TIP#4- The time will pass either way.
No matter what, the time is going to pass.  This is one of my Dad’s best pieces of advice- “Just do it, because either way, the time goes by”   So for example, my brother has been working on getting his PhD for several years (while being a Dad to two children and a Principal).  He will be done this year, but if he had never started it, this year was going to be here anyway, but he would have nothing to show for it.   30, 60, 90 days will pass, but will I have accomplished my goals or will I have put them off because of fear, time, etc…  Lets get to work TODAY.

TIP #5- Pick a time to work… and work!   You really need to find a time to do your work.  Maybe you wake up early like Holly to work.  Maybe you stay up late like Paula and I.    No matter when you work, you really need to just set aside a few hours a day (or even just one – whatever you feel is possible) when it is quiet and you can concentrate…  and you need to get your to-do list checked off.

You can do this!    Let me give you a sneak peek at why I say that you can do this…

This is my family…   they are 8, 7, 4 and 2.
That about explains my time, right?   hahaha!!

I work during the day on my phone here and there (I don’t want to start major things because then I would always be saying “hang on one second”, so I save those for the evenings.)  I work at night, on the couch, beside my husband, from 7:00 or 7:30 (while the kids are sleeping), until I finish my work.  Sometimes it is 10:00, but sometimes it is 2:00 am (like last night).   I know that it won’t be this way forever, but until we reach our goals, this is what life looks like… busy, but fun.

Ok- now go ahead and create your own schedule for tomorrow.
Oh- and stay off of FB, pinterest and Instagram (my new favorite) until you finish your work!   Easier said than done, right?   You can do it!

How to Revamp Old Blog Posts

How to revamp old blog posts has become a must in my current blogging arsenal. I had good ideas back at the beginning of my blogging career, but I had no idea how to present them. Some of biggest traffic driving posts have come from posts that I have reworked. Today I want to give you the tools for breathing new life into old posts.

How to Revamp Old Blog Posts

When I started out in blogging I knew nothing. Nothing. I did not read any blogs. I was unaware of the number of blogs out there. My main familiarity with the blogging world was the movie “Julie and Julia.” Blogging began for me because I had a goal. I wanted to revamp my parenting. Thriving in this tough role instead of just surviving was the vision. I wanted to accomplish my “I really should…” thoughts about raising children and be a fun and engaged mom. I gave myself this challenge: Blog every day for 365 days. I would do one parenting tip, one lesson working on character development and one post that featured a craft or activity. Are you doing the math? That is 3 posts a day for 365 days. That is a total of 1095 posts. Insane! I made it, but the quality of those early posts left something to be desired.

How to Revamp Old Posts

Above shows my current top 6 posts. Do you notice that 3 out of the 6 are revamped? My Best Buttercream Frosting Recipe got legs on Pinterest and now is one of the number one recipes that will show up when you type in “buttercream frosting” in the Pinterest search engine. My post about removing vomit smell is the number one search result on Google – before wikihow, how to clean stuff and ehow or any other result. “How to Stop the Whining and Crying” has really taken off on Facebook and Pinterest. Revamping these posts is what has driven them to constantly remain in my own top 10 as well as become top results when searched. So, how did I do it?


How to Revamp Old Posts

Below I am going to outline the top things to consider when reworking your old content. Taking these steps will breathe new life into something that died. I am going to give you the main points, and then I’m going to actually revamp one of my old posts right before your eyes.

  • Add or Improve Pictures – People are visual and are most often drawn into a post based on the picture that accompanies it. You want to draw on people’s emotions. You will want to create a question in their head or find a connecting point through images. You will want to have at least one Pinterest friendly picture. Pinterest pictures should be vertical in composition. You will also want to have at least one picture that is Facebook ready. Ideal Facebook picture size is 560×292. However, square pictures and horizontal pictures work great too. If you have multiple Facebook pictures you can share a number of times without it feeling like the same post. Here are some more tips for creating great photos for your posts.
  • Improve SEO – SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is essentially a way for the Google eyes to find your post. You will want to have key words throughout your post that support your title, tags and first paragraph. Having a SEO plugin will significantly help your success in this area. You will want to use bolding, bullet points, and headings to aide in your presence on the blog post topic.
  • Reformat Your Text – I used to write posts that were text heavy. There were big blocks of a lot of words, which you want to avoid. Visually breaking up text with pictures, headings, and new paragraphs is important. Bullet points and numbered lists are also great for both SEO purposes and visual appeal. People are busy. They are often scanning for the information they need. They will get a quick visual overview to know if they want to take the time to read on your blog further. Huge blocks of text are overwhelming and a huge turn off, so make sure you make posts more inviting visually.
  • Link Back to Other Related Posts – Chances are you have more content on your site that relates to what you are speaking about in the post you are reworking. Make sure you link to other content so that interested readers are drawn to more on your blog. You want to become a relevant voice for a topic. They are on your site because they are interested in the topic at hand. If you can prove to them you have more to offer, they will more likely become a true fan rather than just a casual passerby. You can add links within paragraphs as seen here or have related posts at the bottom of you content as seen here.
  • Add Affiliate Links – Another way to revamp old posts and make money doing it is to add in affiliate links. You are redoing your old content because you believe it can get legs. If it does, you will want to have ways to make money sewn into the content. You can find out how to effectively use Amazon links and use that new information to work these affiliate links into your content.
  • Promote Again on Social Media – Now that you have breathed new life into the content of your post, it is time to re-promote on all your social media sites. It will look new to your readers, so you do not need to worry about being repetitive or spammy. You not only want to re-promote on your social media, but you can add your content on fellow bloggers link parties or Facebook page share days. Make blogging friends, and commit to sharing each others content. Don’t just sit around and hope that your new post is magically found. Work hard to get it seen.
  • Do I Change Title? URL? Date? – I have different answers for this. If my past post is a complete dead end, I would say yes. I want to change the title to make it more search friendly. I want the URL and pictures to be SEO friendly. I want to post again on my site to make it look like current content so it can be found easier for my new readers. It will feel like completely new post, so don’t worry about that. That said, if the post I’m revamping already has shares on Pinterest or Facebook, I would not want the url to change. I might change the title, but I will not change the url. Do not, at that point, change the date either because that will change the url. You only want to change everything if you know that the post is dead. It basically becomes a brand new post at that time.

My Own Journey at Revamping a Post

1-How to Revamp a Post Feb 20, 2015, 8-34 AM.59 AM

Above you see pictured an old post of mine. It is a good topic. The title of this post was “Day #29 Tip – Make Clean-Up Fun.” This post is dead. It has no Facebook shares. It had no picture, so it will never been seen on Pinterest. There is no reason for me to keep the title, url or date. I’m changing it all.

How to Change the Title, URL and Date in WordPress – The problem with the title is that I added “Day #29 Tip” to the front. That is what Google sees as it is searching. I was trying to document my days as I was going through the 365 days of the year parenting challenge, but that kills my post for SEO, so it needs to go. Google and people love “how to” posts and numbers at the front, so I’m going to change the post title to “10 Ways to Make Clean-Up Fun for Kids.” Another option could be “How to Make Cleaning Fun for Kids.”

How to Revamp Old Posts Feb 20, 2015, 10-47 AM.06 AM

I changed my title. Then, I went to the permalink box an deleted what was there. If you delete and then press OK, the new url will automatically update for you. Change the date to the date you want to publish and the permalink date will change automatically.

How I Changed My Pictures

How to Rework Old Blog Content

Above you’ll see my feature picture I made for the post. I purchased my picture from Deposit Photos. I then added a title to capture the reader. I added my logo or a watermark on the picture to claim it for my blog. Make sure you save your image with a SEO friendly title. People do an image search often, and you want your picture to show up in those searches. Too many bloggers save their images at image_12345, and that is not a good practice. Beyond my Pinterest-friendly feature picture, you can also visit the post to see the Facebook images I included.

More Changes

After I changed the title and added pictures, I went through the post to do the steps listed above. I reworked the text, improved my SEO, linked back to other related texts, added affiliate links, and will promote again on social media. You can see my revamped post here. Notice the relevant keywords are highlighted in bold? See the new structure rather than a big block of text? See the trail created to my other content? Check out those affiliate links! You can see the growth that has happened in the last three years and imagine the reach that this post could potentially get. Would the previous post have been found or shared? Not at all.

I hope you are inspired to go back and rework some of your content. You probably have great ideas in there that just need to be repackaged a bit to be seen by the masses.

11015822_10205727827131777_834677446_nJodi Durr is the creator of Meaningful Mama, a popular mom blog focusing on crafts, activities, character development, parenting tips, recipes, parties and more. Parenting her 3 children has stretched her more than she imagined. She has dug in her heals and is determined to make this journey fun, intentional and creative. Find Jodi on Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram.

When you feel overwhelmed

Sometimes, as a blogger, new or old… there comes a time when you feel overwhelmed.   It might be that you feel disorganized, or that you are trying to sign-up for so many money-making opportunities that you feel like you don’t know where to begin.  It may be that you are finding that balancing your blog with family life is proving to be harder than you thought.

feeling overwhelmed w/ your blog?

Here are a few ideas to help you when you feel overwhelmed:

1- Start with the “MUST-DO” things. 
You must play with your kids.
You must hang out with your husband.
You must-do your post for tomorrow.
You must share some FB & Pinterest things.

2- Now set aside some time. 
Set your timer for 20 minutes.  Take your kids into a room and do not bring your phone or computer.  Play with them for 20 minutes- uninterrupted. Nothing matters BUT THEM.  Schedule this playtime if you have to!  (Here are tips on how to play with them)  Studies show that 20 minutes a day is enough to create that close-knit bond, if you start at a VERY young age. (ps- 20 is the minimum, so aim for more.  Try 20 min. every hour or two.  This is completely uninteruppted- no chores, no grown-up talk…just you & your kiddos!) 

3- Now spend 5 minutes doing some things to ‘get by’.  Maybe its a quick share on FB.   Maybe its editing a picture.

4- Give yourself an hour tonight and just start on your list.

5- Remember that all of this will BE HERE TOMORROW.   Don’t worry about it-  you can only DO what you can DO.  Go easy on yourself! 


This could be a post by itself, but here is what I do… WHEN THE KIDS GO TO BED. 

1- I make sure that my post is done.  Everything.   I make sure that the image is ready, the post is scheduled for midnight.  I make sure that it is scheduled to go live on my FB page at 6:00 am (my most active FB time for my readers).

2- I check my e-mails.  My husband and I do this together, because he takes care of my blog finances, so he helps me by organizing it into a spreadsheet of when drafts are due, when final posts are due and when I was paid.  He needs to see the e-mails to help me and I just like doing this together.
He and I have been together forever, so he knows how I like to do everything together (which is why I want him to work with me one day!)
Here we were at 14…

3-  I schedule my FB shares.  I should schedule them a month in advance, but I don’t.  I schedule them daily for now.  My blogging friend, Jamie, keeps telling me to schedule them out further because it is so much easier, so this is a new goal of mine! My blogging friend, Dayna, told me: If you don’t do them in advance, it will make you feel like you are a slave to Facebook- getting on all day long to post things.   So true!

4- I talk to Paula about BOTS stuff & about our regular blog stuff… we make plans about our book, our posts for the week ahead, our boosts that we offer (we do them at night… we each take time to look at each one, so we need to communicate about them).

5- I watch Revenge, the Blacklist & Modern Family (among many other favorites) with my husband while we fold laundry.  That’s the fun part, right? 😉

10734130_880846618614590_5451045233481213681_n Honestly, blogging can take up a LOT of time, so you have to keep it on the side, even if it is earning a full-time income.    Keep God, your marriage and your kids as your top priority and the rest will fall into place… I tell my husband all the time “God knows what we need when we need it.”    Trust that! 

How I break up my time:
blogging time breakdown

How to manage your time:
Time Management for a Blogger

How to not feel distracted:
How to write without being distracted - tips for writing your blog or ebook


There are only 24 hours in a day.

I promise you there is nothing I can do to change that.

Which social network do I need - Business 2 Blogger

A good chunk of that time is offline time leaving just a handful of hours to get everything done that needs to be done online.  So, I thought it would be fun to take a question today that asks about priorities:

I am new to blogging and I know that it is important to interact with social media – but there are SO many options out there and they could suck all of my time.  Where would be the best place to use my time to start out?   –Jenn, Princess Pinky Girl


It is a great question.  One I think any seasoned blogger has struggled with to the point of utter frustration.

I think we need to step back and take inventory of our blog and then make a plan of action being aware that it is nearly impossible to be everywhere at once.

Where is My Current Success?

Where is the majority of your blog traffic coming from now?  Is it FB?  Is it Google search (related to G+)?  Is it Pinterest?

How you answer that question becomes your first priority.

If the majority of your traffic comes from Pinterest {which I am highly suspicious might be true in Jenn’s case since she has 3.7 million followers —> Jenn on Pinterest}.  So if you only have 30 minutes to spare on any given day, it will be devoted to the place where you are already  seeing success.

OK, so y’all probably already figured that out…what next?

What Pairs with My Current Success that Excites Me?

There are certain social networks that just seem to work well together and when you are active on both, it doesn’t seem like double duty, but an expansion of sharing.

FB and Instagram.

Pinterest and G+.

Twitter and Instagram.

Tumblr and G+ and Instagram.

Actually, pairing almost any two social networks with a plan in mind can help you not feel like a manual RSS feed automatically posting the same content at multiple locations.

Use the best of what you find on your primary social network to highlight on your secondary one.

For instance, I use my Pinterest boards as a testing zone for my G+ page.  If a pin goes crazy over at Pinterest, then I post it to my G+ page as #pinoftheday.  The better content you post anywhere, the more quality followers you will attract.

If I take a super cute photo on Instagram, I will share it to FB or G+ based on the subject-matter.  If it is something fun that falls under the #parenting hashtag, it goes on G+.  If it is a glimpse of a craft we are working on, it goes to FB.

Dip Your Toes in a Third

So, you have a primary social network {the place where you are succeeding}, a secondary one {the place you can most easily grow} and now I want you to choose a strategic third one.

This one you may not be thrilled about right now, but see the value in being there.

If you are working on SEO, this might be G+.  If you have a blog where the readers are all on FB, then that might be the choice.  If you aren’t on Instagram yet, this might be the time.

Look around at blogs in your niche – see where those bloggers are having success and choose the third space in a thoughtful manner.

Time Management for Your Trio

You are now going to continue to spend the majority of your time on your primary social network.  You will consciously post daily to your secondary one with a intent to grow and check in on your third watching for easy ways to interact.

If there are ways to automate some of your actions that won’t take away from the personal nature of YOUR voice, then set it up.  Steer clear of automation that removes your personality in EACH AND EVERY POST.

What Next?

Watch your blog stats, you may find your priorities shifting as one social network naturally interacts with you and rewards you with traffic and followers.

Warning:  If your goal is to grow your blog and blog traffic, then be wary of the social network that sends you a lot of followers but not very many click-throughs!

Keep your blogging goals in mind.

Can You Be Everywhere?


When you are working on one thing, others will take a backseat.  It is as simple as that.

While growing my FB page, my Pinterest stream suffered.

While growing my G+ page, everything else suffered!

There are seasons to everything.  Accept that.  Ride the rollercoaster and enjoy it vs. trying to steer it to another track.

I had to choose.  While my Kids Activities Blog social media channels grew, I have woefully neglected the ones here at Business 2 Blogger.

I know that.

But I had to choose because there are really only 24 hours in a day.

How Do I Find Time to Write?

Finding time to write is a challenge for every writer. We are all given the same amount of time each day, so instead of fretting that some one else must have it easier than you, try to find ways to work with the time that you do have.

We all are given the same amount of time in a day, and yet some people seem to get WAY more things done than others. I’m still striving to make better use of my time, but it is an area that I’ve made a lot of improvement in over the last 2 years. Having a second baby really forced me to get more intentional with every moment, or else I just end up accomplishing nothing.

It’s certainly a challenge to run two professional blogs (this one and my personal blog), write & publish a book, all while tackling the weekly/daily responsibilities of a mama & wife. Not impossible, but challenging for sure.

Find time to write

Here are my top tips for finding time to write, even in them midst of laundry, dishes, diapers, playtime grocery shopping, Bible study etc.

  1. Get creative – First and foremost, you have to make time for it. For me, it’s while the baby naps. During this time my daughter sleeps and my son has “quiet playtime” in his room. Sometimes he’s extra sleepy and falls asleep, other times he just plays on his own. All 3 of us need the time to ourselves and it really helps our family dynamic to have it, and it also provides me with a bit of uninterrupted writing time for each day. If your children don’t nap, perhaps you could find time before they wake up in the morning, after they are asleep, or another, quieter time of day. Even teaching the children that “this is mommy’s writing time” is an option!
  2. Make it a priority – Find your time and stick to it. Sure, there are plenty of days when I’d rather read a book or sleep than write, but I don’t! This is my writing time and I take advantage of it, even when I don’t want to. Very rarely will I allow myself to do something else during nap time. If I’m completely worn out or stressed I might, but typically I will make myself get some work done first, before I get to do something more relaxing. If I’m extra tired I might tell myself something like “I will complete this post and 2 images and then I’ll let myself watch an episode of Sherlock”. This gives me incentive to finish what I’m doing so I don’t get behind, but also lets me have some fun and relax when I need it as well.
  3. Schedule time away – Have a set time to write, but also have a set time not to write. Time spent away from the computer and with your family and children is never wasted. Having set time when I refuse to get online to post statuses/tweets or jot down blog post ideas has done wonders for myself and my family. It enables me to be more productive when I am on the computer and it helps me live in the moment with my family more. I’m not fabulous at this, but I’m working on it, and our days are so much more fun when I keep to my schedule both on and off the computer.
  4. Do it offline – Some of my best blog posts have been drafted in a little notebook while sitting and watching my kids play. Writing offline helps to keep you free from distractions so you can focus on the words you are putting together, instead of checking notifications on social media.

What about you? How do you find time to write without losing site of what is really important

Work at Home Time Management Tips

Time management isn’t a new topic around here. In fact, Holly did a whole Google Plus Hangout on social media time management tips. It was also discussed a bit in the posts on working smarter not harder and time saving tools. But, I thought it would be good to cover some work at home time management tips. Especially since it’s back to school time and our routines are once again changing.

work at home time management tips

Work at Home Time Management Tips

Make a realistic to-do list

I used to have a love/hate relationship with to-do lists. On the one hand, they reminded me of what I had to do. On the other, they made me feel overwhelmed because there was so much on there. This changed once I figured out to make daily to-do lists that were realistic to accomplish. Instead of putting 20 items on my to-do list for Monday, I plan them out through the week. Now, I have a few tasks for Monday, a few for Tuesday, and so on.

So, make daily to-do lists for yourself and don’t overload them with tasks you know you can’t accomplish in one day.

Set up your own space

If you’re working from home, you need a dedicated space to work. This can be a desk, the table, wherever you are comfortable but it needs to be yours so you can spread your stuff out as needed. At least until it’s time to eat dinner, then you should probably move your laptop if it’s at the dinner table (which may or may not be where mine is right now).

Schedule your social media

I’ve found one of my biggest time sucks online is when I go to share my new posts on social media. I get distracted by the news feeds and soon I’ve wasted my time. For my cocktail recipe site, I post 3 to 4 times a day on my Facebook fan page. That’s a lot of distracting if I live post all of that. Instead I schedule my updates for 3 to 4 days at a time. Sure, it takes some time up front to find and schedule everything I want to share, but I only do it once or twice a week instead of everyday.

Using your editorial calendar, schedule your social media for your new posts. While you’re at it, you can also schedule other updates/links/pictures/etc. you want to share during the week. You might want to also figure out what you can automate for your social media to make it even easier for yourself.

Set up office hours

I never really understood the importance of office hours until I went through the Mom Blog Money Blog course and actually started doing it. While I can’t say I’m completely firm in my office hours, I do try to not respond to work related emails in the evenings and I rarely check my email on the weekends. It’s definitely allowed me to feel like I was off work, which is something that’s hard to feel as a work at home mom (or at least it was for me). It also helps me stay focused during my office hours.

I highly suggest you check out the Mom Blog Money Blog course if you are blogger looking to make money blogging. There is a lot of great information in there that can help increase your traffic and your money. And if you need a little bit of proof, check out this post which has a six month update after taking the course.

What are your best work at home time management tips?

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Social Media Time Management Tips

As most bloggers know, social media can be a real time suck. Since it never shuts down you can really get sucked in and soon find that you’ve accomplished nothing all day but you know everything that’s going on in your Facebook news feed. To help you avoid this, Holly sat down with a few other bloggers to talk about social media time management tips. Just what we all need, right?

social media time management tips

For the hangout, Holly Homer had Megan Sheakoski and Peg Fitzpatrick join her. Megan blogs at Coffee Cups and Crayons and she spends a lot of time on Google Plus. If you missed it, Holly and Megan did a hangout discussing Google Plus blog pages that was very informative. Peg Fitzpatrick can be found online at PegFitzpatrick.com and 12 Most to name just a couple. Peg was also a guest star on one of Holly’s blogpreneur episodes, where they discussed Google Plus and book writing.

Social media time management tips

Focus your efforts

In Day 3 (Automate your social media) of the Mom Blog Money Blog workshop, Laurie Turk suggests focusing on your top two social media sites. In this hangout, these three ladies suggested the same thing. Pick the two social media sites that work best for you and spend the majority of your time there.

They also suggest using the information in your Google Analytics account to help you figure out what sites are driving the most traffic to your blog. This will help you know where to focus your social media efforts.

Schedule it

Holly mentions a plugin called NextScripts that she uses for scheduling her social media for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus. This can be used for scheduling your own content at the same time you are scheduling the posts. This is a really cool plugin to use and is great for social media time management. You can also use HootSuite for scheduling your social media or other tools such as Buffer for scheduling Twitter and Facebook. Peg also suggested DoShare for scheduling Google Plus.

Use a timer

Megan talks about using a timer when she’s working. Since she has kids at home it helps the kids know that she’s working as well as helps her manage her time online. This is also a tip that Laurie gives in the Mom Blog Money Blog workshop. Funny how these social media time management tips are suggested by so many people.

The editorial calendar

As we have talked about many times before, an editorial calendar is so helpful for managing your time online. Going beyond the editorial calendar for your blog, you can also use a calendar to plan and schedule your social media in advance.

In the hangout video, there is discussion around each tip plus so much more information. Watch the video to get it all!

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What are your best social media time management tips?

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