A little bit more on Google Plus

I’ve been on a little bit of a kick lately with posting about Google Plus. Partly because I’ve been getting more into this social networking site in the last few months and also because Google owns search and I want my blogs to be found in search so I should be using Google’s products, right?

Hopefully all of you are also getting more into this site as well since it seems to be here to stay.

So, I wanted to give you all a recap of everything that has been posted on B2B about G+ along with a links to a few articles written elsewhere that are really good reads.

about google plus

B2B Google Plus Posts

How to setup your Google Plus profile

How to setup your Google Plus page for your blog

How to create and use Google Plus circles effectively

How to share updates via email on Google Plus and how to mute users who take advantage of this option

All about Google Plus hangouts

More resources

Custom Google Plus URLs – According to Google, custom URLs are still under development at this time and are slowly rolling out for users. But they do have a support document on getting started with custom URLs that might be helpful when you are approved. In the meantime, you can check out gplus.to which makes short URLs for Google Plus.

Google Plus cover photos – Recently, Google changed the sizes of cover photos. I updated the how-to posts with the correct sizes for the photos but Shauna Callaghan posted a really helpful article on how to create a Google Plus cover photo with the new dimensions.

Google Plus and SEO – Don’t understand why Google + is good for SEO (other than the fact Google owns both)? This is a good article on how Google Plus and SEO work together. Not only does it explain what SEO is, it also covers Google Plus and PageRank, Web Influence and more. You can also read this article on simple tips to take advantage of Google Plus for SEO.

If you’re still not convinced as to why you should use this social networking site, here’s an article about some of the invigorating aspects of Google Plus. Maybe that will help convince you. If not, I don’t think anything will.

Still have questions about G+? Let me know in the comments. 

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